The White House Petition
To Announce The Receipt of Space Technology From The Keshe Foundation

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Dear Mr. President and distinguished Staff.

It is with great joy that we received the news you had the courage and foresight to send American Ambassador Mr. Gutman to accept the gift of technology known as Nuclear Reactor Plasma Spaceship Technology for space travel from Mr. Keshe at the Keshe Foundation on November 15, 2012.

To honor this generous gift it is only proper that it be announced and shared with the rest of the country. We understand that this technology can fundamentally change how we live on this planet. This technology revolutionizes space travel, transportation, energy, health, environment, and materials development, even agriculture.

We understand that this will require a fundamental shift in our thinking about our relationship to getting what we need and the economic effects of that. There would have to be some beneficial alterations to your health care plan. Industry will need to be retooled and expanded.

Yes, most of what we have counted on for so long, but which no longer serves us, will have to be let go of in time. In its place will come opportunity to create prosperity and harmony on a scale not known to human kind in this recorded history and even repair the damage of the industrial revolution and economic carnage that is engulfing us at this time.

Through sharing this technology and promoting it for the greater good of all beings you can reunite not only this divided nation, indeed the world. Once again we can have sovereign nations acting in cooperation for the good of all on this planet. This technology also offers the opportunity to protect the planet from many of the dangers that face it today.

Through your courage and foresight, this nation can enter in to a new era healthy and prosperous. Your faith in the American people to innovate and rise to the occasion, embracing this new technology and being the leaders the rest of the world wishes us to be is demonstrated by your sharing of this technology. All previous presidents would be envious of such an opportunity to change the world.

We, the undersigned, are ready for this transition now.

With the knowledge that the other major countries, especially the BRICS nations, also have the same access to this technology now, we request you act on this release of technology post-haste such that the business of the future may get on with it.

Respectfully yours,

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Keshe Foundation:

Patents for technology:

Announcement of USA receipt of technology: USA the latest nation to receive the spaceship program

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