Tea, Earl Grey, hot and why this technology is important

Most of us grew up with Star Trek in our lives somewhere. In The Next Generation, Captain Jean Luc Picard would enter his “ready room,” walk over to the “replicater” (or is it materializer) and request a tea, Earl Grey, Hot and a lovely cup of tea would materialize. This device was based on the same technology that powered the ship. Plasma Technology. Ya, that’s what we’re talking about here and all the rest that goes with it.

The implications of this technology can boggle the mind. I think this is going to become much more commonplace soon, so get ready.

There are so many petitions and issues that need to be addressed. This technology can address many of our needs and desires.

What’s your issue?

For me, all are important and the possibilities are all very cool. The results that are being seen using plasma technology in health and healing are especially interesting. As a Somatic Therapist I can see where existing practices combined with plasma technology can reverse conditions previously incurable by western medicine. Diseases like Parkinson’s, ALS and other neurological conditions.

In my practice I have worked extensively with trauma. Primarily I work with releasing trapped trauma in the body and allowing the original neuropathways to reconnect in their original and efficient configuration. This process works on the mental and emotional level as well as the physical level. It is also a very delicate process.

The plasma technology allows for more rapid physical healing. I can see where combining the two modalities would allow for more complete and balanced healing quicker. Brain injury and PTSD would be my primary interest. Although all neurological disorders could be worked with, I believe.

Environment is important right? Plasma Technology can scrub CO2 out of the air and toxins from the water. Reduce the amounts that are being released now and produce clean, non-radioactive and Zero Waste production facilities in the future.

Energy. Everybody wants to know about the energy production. The thing is, everything is energy. Energy is a by-product of this process. On the Enterprise, from our former example, the ships power, the stuff the ship is made of, the power for the materializer, the tea and the cup all come from the same source and use the same principle. Mr. Keshe describes this well in the video presentation.

Is transportation your thing? Seriously, I just want to outfit my RV with this technology. Come on, what’s cooler than that! Drag race an Audi S8 in my 1988 Jamboree or just go where I want and have my house with me without using an once of combustible fuel.

How about a spaceship? Yup, your very own star cruiser. Four hours to the moon and 33 hours to Mars. New York to Paris in about 19 minutes. At least we’ll be able to book trips to the moon. That seems to be where the Keshe Foundation is looking to claim their stake.

When we begin to talk about materials creation again we come back to Jean Luc and his tea. We may not be able to do that quite yet, but that is only because no one has been able to work on that publicly. But even now it seems that we can create the raw materials to make things out of.

These are some of the reasons this technology is so important. I am sure you can come up with some of your own and this is what the Keshe Foundation is counting on and why it has made it available to every person on the planet through their governments. It is up to us to help our government become benevolent leaders.

Calling our government to benevolent leadership is what this petition is all about. We know this technology exists and that it is available. We know that we can start solving problems now. This is a gift to the people and I will echo the sentiments of our nation when I say Corporations are not people! This petition is a polite way of offering some parts of our government to remain relevant.

One way or another this technology is changing our world. All countries have the same opportunity as the United States with this technology. This assures equal access to space for all countries and prevents a monopoly on space by a small handful of corporations.

We all know major changes are upon us. We all know the degradation of the Corporation for the United States has left us with a hell of a mess. Making the changes is up to us. Ignoring the problem hoping it goes away is not working and many people just want to know what to do. This is why we encourage President Obama to honor the Keshe gift of Plasma Dilution Technology by announcing it publicly to the American People as a celebration of a bright future.

The important thing to note is that we don’t have to ask permission or wait. Apparently you can get the books and the patents and start working with this technology, if you have that kind of ability. I just thought it best that we move forward together as a country and as a global community.

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