A Change of Intention

As I have become more familiar with Mr. Keshe’s thoughts and philosophies, I have come to realize that I have co-opted Mr. Keshes technology and wound it up in my own agenda. I don’t apologize for having come to think larger than I had before and going beyond aggression. I am grateful. But it does call for a restructure of the language of the petition.

With this in mind I have brought Mr. Keshe’s words from the forum.

Is the new technology endangering the present ones?

by: MT Keshe
25 November, 2012


M.T. Keshe, Physicist

Is the Keshe Foundations discoveries threat to pharmaceutical companies, energy group and oil industry.

The answer is NO.

They can become richer through and because of this technology as we have explained to oil rich nations and they understood how they will be benefited by this new technology.

Are we threat to energy groups?

No: they can be more involved and become more effective if they understand our work.

Are we threat to pharmaceutical companies.

These people will benefit more with working through new technology than they could never dreamed of.

We are not here to compete with any of these.

We developed space technology on the bases of working of the universe and now we let man know what can be done new, and these new systems for energy, medical and fuel is byproduct of this new discovery that everyone can enjoy and organizations which understand it first will take full advantage of it for mankind.

We are here to make all systems to become comfortable for all and all cannot make all systems, so we still need these organizations to be the providers to ill, the young and old.

It is for them to embrace it and commercialized it and become more advanced.

For those of us whom do not understand the technology, there is a need for these organization to do it for them as it is now.

For example, now days medicine is in the form of tablets and injections and this is something new in the past 100 years or so, now with the new technology the pharmaceutical organizations will provide systems in hospitals which give the same in the Magravs form for different dieses. Or they can sell a system to every house hold and sell information for the reprocessing the diseases through internet through the machine they have provided.

This is a new mindset and those who understand it first will make bigger organization which are more human friendly and ethical than today’s systems and they still make profited for their old pensioner found shareholding in different way than today.

Where they know they cannot do wrong as others whom have the technology will provide it free if the misuse takes place.

This is ethical control and this way it will be more effective way than cheating and providing manmade legal controls to stop new knowledge of healing under different covers.

This why we released the technology to government and masses and this way the correct way for all will prevail.

That they all know it all and all help each other to make better way for the mankind without abuse.

The structure of support of the old and needy and young and those whom do not understand the technology in all aspects sites within these international organizations, but they have to work in different way.

Not everyone has the culture of scientific background to make their own system, but now these organizations can reach more than they could before.

Now for them it is not just earth systems but they have to learn to work outside the boundary of this planet and with new mindset and cultures of thinking and so more work for them.

There will so much employment through this new development that the employment by the computer world of today will be like a spec of dust on a mountain in comparisons in size to the employment which this technology will bring about in the coming years.

The change to come is so vast that the man cannot comprehend the totality of it today.

This is like coming from a village in the back of god knows where, and being use to donkey and the same food every day to land of computers and jet plane malty culture restaurants of big cities in one day.

You all will be surprised of what is in install for you. But you have to comprehend its pitfalls and joys of it, but now the door has been opened and shall not be closed.

It for energy organizations, pharmaceutical companies and oil industry to rapidly adopt themselves to these changes otherwise they will stay behind and will be endanger of being taken over by the ones who understood the charge and took advantage of it.

M T keshe