Results of this petition – Now Closed

The first thing to realize about this petition is that it was not about the result necessarily. It was about expressing the commitment to change and realizing that there are other ways of doing things and allowing that to be expressed and allowing the space for benevolent action by the current administration.

The journey of this petition was of interest though. I will list the particulars without putting a meaning to them.

  1. In communicating with the Keshe Foundation this petition did not receive support or direct dispute from Mr. Keshe or the foundation. Just nothing.
  2. In attempting to confirm the meeting between Mr. Keshe and the American Ambassador in Belgium, I did not receive any response from the Embassy.
  3. After attempting to contact the American Ambassador the petition went one week to the minute where no one could successfully sign the petition.
  4. Having posted links to the petition on over 20 related sites in America and Canada that have American viewers, a full 90% of all views came from the post in the Keshe Foundation forum.
  5. After a week of the petition being up the ratio of US visits decreased to only those from the Keshe forum.
  6. A press release was put out and I personally notified those “alternative” sites that like to speculate on Mr. Keshe and his work. Nothing, nada, zip.
  7. Toward the end people from other countries started signing the petition.
  8. 56 signatures were finally placed upon this petition. Six from other countries which don’t count. Twenty-seven from my own personal contacts. Twenty-three came from other sources.

In the way in which we measure success or failure, this was no doubt a fail. Ultimately though, my mind is not vast enough to know all of what arose from this action. It is what it is, and it is done.

Now, on to just building the things and making the change. My best to those who are working on the development of the reactors. I will try to add any constructive assistance in the area of healing as we go.

Thank you to all who participated. I have learned a great deal, even as a healer, about human nature that will make me more effective in my practices.